The funds generated by your generous donation will directly touch each Graystone student. The annual Membership fundraiser for Home & School Club (HSC) continues to support the services your child receives at Graystone. The HSC funded programs and services complement our school's curriculum and provide invaluable support in academics, arts, physical education and community for a well-balanced education. Your donation builds a legacy for the strong foundation of learning that makes Graystone a California Distinguished School. The suggested $350 donation per child supports:

  • Art Program
  • Books, eBooks, Author Visits and Literacy Events
  • Music Programs
  • Computer/Technology Program and Lab Materials
  • Cornerstone Activities and Clubs
  • Counseling
  • Family Movie Night and Annual Dance
  • Multicultural Day
  • Pumpkin Bust Community Event
  • Recess 101 Program and Equipment
  • Safety Patrol Program
  • Schmahl Science Program and Lab Materials
  • Spring Celebration
  • Supplemental Teaching Materials

Your donation of any size are always welcome and appreciated, and will be used to support our kids!

You can also view Graystone Elementary's Community Events and After School Programs (not affiliated with the Home & School Club) on the SJUSD Graystone Elementary Website.