HSC Class Representative Role Overview

Being an HSC Rep is an excellent opportunity for parents to learn more about Graystone, meet other parents and get involved. Below is a summary of the HSC Class Parent Representative duties.

  • Attend HSC Monthly Meetings, Friday mornings in room E-19. A complete list of the scheduled meetings can be found on the GraystoneHSC.org. In the event, you cannot attend the Monthly Meeting, you are welcome to send someone from your Class in your place. We will provide Meeting Minutes and a brief summary to all HSC Class Representatives shortly after the meeting.
  • Communicate important Events to the Teacher and other Parents in the Class, including forwarding monthly HSC High 5s. As the liaison between the Teacher/Parents and the HSC, we would encourage you to be our “voice” with your classroom and therefore we would recommend you to partner with your Teacher and Room Parent to create an email list for your Class. Shutterfly is a wonderful application.
  • Help recruit and encourage the Parents of your Class to volunteer for HSC sponsored events held throughout the year. For 2018-2019, all Events planned to-date are posted on the GraystoneHSC.org Website so you can prepare yourself for what is to come. In addition, we would ask for your assistance in spearheading some activities that help the HSC fundraise or meet the needs of the local community. 
  • Communicate any suggestions or concerns related to the HSC that the Teachers or other Parents might have. Communication can occur either at the HSC Monthly Meetings or directly to the Board via Board@GraystoneHSC.org.

We want your experience to be amazing and fun. We appreciate your time and dedication to the HSC and without your help and support, the HSC would not be a success!

Please contact Becky Johanningsmeier, the Secretary of the HSC, with questions at GraystoneSecretary@gmail.com.